Why I don’t mind being a drop out.

This week, I deferred and dropped out of two races. Any time this happens there is the inevitable day or so of my brain tutting and muttering 'quitter' at me. But, truth be told, I've done it so many times now, it doesn't affect me much anymore, here's why. Once you've graduated past the toe... Continue Reading →

Some thoughts on shoes.

If I could give my past self one piece of advice before I started running it would be this: Be your own data set. Go out and run, note how you feel, how long you run for, how do your legs, joints and lungs feel after certain workouts. Don't copy other people and expect the... Continue Reading →

Things what I did.

Personally, when I read something from other runners, I like to know their level, their times, their training routines, so I can put what they are saying into context. Is this person an elite, a first time 5k runner or maybe a veteran middle of the pack runner with decades of experience to learn from?... Continue Reading →

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