About yesterday…

On my run this morning, I was pumped, like eye of the tiger, chariots of fire pumped. It took all my effort to hold back from gunning the entire way, it's great when this happens. There is one reason for this...yesterday was the Boston Marathon, and it was fucking incredible. I don't want this to... Continue Reading →

Things what I did 2.0

As I mentioned before, times and pbs hold as much significance as you choose to give them. As I also said, I personally like knowing what people have run when I read their blogs. With that in mind, my current personal bests. 5k: 17:55 10k: 37:55 Half Marathon: 1:25:18 Marathon: 2:57:32 53 Miles: 10:49 100km:... Continue Reading →

Not a race review: London 2016

This was going to be a concise race review but, alas, I turned on the waffle iron again. I'm new to this so please bare with. On the other hand, what follows may prove to be more interesting. I will never forget this experience, April 24th 2016. Standing in Greenwich park, a mix of butterflies... Continue Reading →

My current marathon wheels.

After the knee scare before Chicago Marathon, I knew I needed a shoe with a little more cushion. I loved the Adidas Adizero Adios because they feel like running in socks, super lightweight. This was also part of the problem. I had pounded out over 1000 miles in them, with undoubtedly poor technique. I needed... Continue Reading →

The sub 3 paradox 2.0

I decided to split this post in two, as I felt I was on the verge of waffling. I'm realising recently that I spent so much time pursuing sub 3, and until writing this post, almost zero reflecting on the achievement and what it meant. In fact the race and day itself is not one... Continue Reading →

The sub-3 paradox

On completing my first marathon in 2016, after the finish line elation and overriding need to become horizontal had subsided, I was left with one clear emotion...I was sad. Sad that the journey was over, sad that I didn't have anything to get up for the following week. I felt rudderless, with no goal off... Continue Reading →

Some thoughts on shoes.

If I could give my past self one piece of advice before I started running it would be this: Be your own data set. Go out and run, note how you feel, how long you run for, how do your legs, joints and lungs feel after certain workouts. Don't copy other people and expect the... Continue Reading →

Things what I did.

Personally, when I read something from other runners, I like to know their level, their times, their training routines, so I can put what they are saying into context. Is this person an elite, a first time 5k runner or maybe a veteran middle of the pack runner with decades of experience to learn from?... Continue Reading →

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