I’m a freelancer in the television industry. I live in Nottingham, but travel all over the country and abroad for work. I went for my first run in 2015 after being a run-hater my entire life.

When I run, I think. Sometimes I think about nothing, but I’m still thinking. When I train for marathons I think about the same things over and over for months, whether I’m running or not. How did that last run go? How is this run going? What will happen on the day? Have I done enough? Are my shoes going to last? Are my legs going to last?! Marathon running is consuming to me in a way nothing ever has been…and I love it.

I guess I feel like running has given me so much, I decided to start writing about some of my experiences in the sport, mainly for my own amusement. Rather depressingly, I’m already getting to the point where previous races are blurring into one big jumble of finish lines and cramp and sticky energy drinks and medals. I am starting to feel future me will be pleased I started this blog, if only to provide something more than a sheet of personal bests, which will mean absolutely nothing to me in 40 years.

I’ve lost count of the number of times a piece of wisdom from fellow runners has helped in my own running. Other’s shared experiences have been invaluable to me. My hope is that maybe, something in this blog will be of use to someone else some day. Please feel free to get in touch, I love to talk all things running.


Around 20 miles into the Brecon Beacons 50k 2018.

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