Pre-race buzz never gets old.

Tomorrow is the Great North Run. While this race is a small part of the buildup to Frankfurt in October, it is huge within its own right. People travel from all over the world to attend.

One of the many reasons I find running so beautiful, and I always drone on to people unfortunate enough to ask, is that no matter your level, race day means the same.

Of course, if you’re going for a gold medal at the olympics, you’re an exception. But most of us, having trained for months, step into the unknown tomorrow, ready to push ourselves to achieve something special. Whether that is sub 1:30, sub 2:50, or simply reaching the finish, is irrelevant.

The fact we have entered into this suffering/reward trade-off is exhilarating, in a way that our comfort filled modern lives, generally aren’t.

Am I as fit as I would have liked? Probably not. Are there niggles I could do without? Always. I can almost guarantee most people on the start line tomorrow would say the same.

I have caught myself many times in the last week, thinking about the potential pain, and the glory, that awaits on Sunday. This often happens before races, any free moment my mind has, will be occupied by upcoming events.

The fact that it is on my mind at all, tells me the goal is appropriate. If you are truly pushing to be better, your goals should be scary.

I would rather fail spectacularly trying something big, than praise myself for achieving less than my potential.

I will leave you with a quote from Greg McMillan (If you don’t know, get to know), that I was inspired by this morning:

“Ultimately, running is deeply personal. That’s why it’s so important to us. At its core, it’s you vs you and there’s huge value in this battle”.

Race well, see you Sunday.

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