Once more…

This coming Monday (August 5th), marks the beginning of my Frankfurt/New York Marathon training cycle. I cannot wait.

I have changed a few things, some things have stayed the same. For this cycle, I’ve decided to use a plan from Advanced Marathoning by Pfitzinger and Douglas. I know that my lifestyle will never allow me to stick to a plan 100%, but this one is going to be my rough guideline.

It’s almost impossible to look back on a marathon cycle and nail down exactly what went right or wrong, or what contributed to success or failure and to what extent. After some reflection on Liverpool, I realised I had made some fairly basic mistakes in my preparation. The most glaring of these was placing value on just hitting 70 miles each week, never mind the quality, volume was everything.

I based this on my ability to run 2:57:31 off of 60 mpw in Chicago. Really, this was just me being lazy and looking for the easiest option. I also had no taper planned. I’m ashamed to say, I just took the last two weeks from a plan I found on the internet and copied them for my taper. I can feel the collective and justified sighing.

It wasn’t all bad, I got to test a new fuelling strategy, using a pouch with Gu gels in, which I was very happy with. It chafes a little during the earlier stages, when it is full, but as more gels are consumed, it gets easier.

I wasn’t in bad shape in Liverpool, if anything I was slightly overcooked, from just slogging out ten miles everyday. Also worth noting here;

Running purely based on volume will work for some! I’m not decrying it totally as a concept, just accepting it failed for me on this occasion.

In reality, marathoning is a subtle art, many factors are at play, and even then, it is possible to just have a bad day on race day. Why do we do this again?

Anyway…the hunger is back, I feel refreshed and ready to begin this long, but enriching process once again.

The Verrazano Narrows Bridge awaits!

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  1. I’m with you on not just nailing loads of miles week after week. For Tokyo I only did two long runs, 18 & 20 miles. The rest of training was lots of intervals & tempo runs and super easy paced runs. Seemed to work on that occasion but like you say, who knows what contributed to that marathon going well.


  2. Yeah I’m going to do the 55-70mpw plan from Advanced Marathoning book. Also try and focus properly on recovering/stretching after each outing. How was yesterday, cracking time for 100 miles that.


  3. So you ran 10 miles every day in the run-up to Liverpool? I’d say that would exhaust most people! I like a Gu gel but also Torq, which have even better flavours and are about the same size package for the same number of calories. I got an awful chafe from my bum bag interacting with the seam inside the back waist of my shorts at Liverpool, which also diminished as I consumed stuff out of the bag! Best of luck with your training, lots of rest and resilience training is what I try to do.


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