About yesterday…

On my run this morning, I was pumped, like eye of the tiger, chariots of fire pumped. It took all my effort to hold back from gunning the entire way, it’s great when this happens.

There is one reason for this…yesterday was the Boston Marathon, and it was fucking incredible. I don’t want this to become too sweary a blog, but that one was deserved. For those who are unfamiliar with Boston, I’m going to write about three things which went down yesterday, that struck a chord.

Numero one: Ian Sharman, who runs for Altra, and seems to be nudging 11 on the 1-10 scale of badassery, ran back from the finish of the Marathon to the start, in time to set off with everyone else…and then ran 2:46 for the actual race! I know. For someone who would eat another human to get a 2:46 marathon pb, I know I’m going to remember this on race day when it gets tough.

Number Dos: Joan Benoit Samuelson, who won the race in 1979, ran a 3:04 at age 61. She was aiming to finish within 40 minutes of her winning time, she finished 28:45 slower, 40 years later! I feel like the exclamation mark is losing it’s punch today.

Number 3: Scott MF Fauble!!! Ran 2:09:10!!! A 3-minute PR, Olympic standard, and the 8th fastest American man of all time. The fastest HOKA marathon ever. This is a big deal. Much has been made of the current state of American male distance running, with many lambasting their lack of any sub 2:10 guys. Fauble is part of the Northern Arizona Elite team, who fly slightly under the radar, but are actually much more open and accessible than most elite teams, sharing lots of what they do. The community of Flagstaff where NAZ elite are based should need no introduction. I’ve heard it described is a group of elite athletes, who are anything but elitist. Sounds good to me.

There is something so very special about this race. I was watching it mostly on a tiny phone screen from a distance, with intermittent signal, but was still gripped. The streets, the crowds, the weather, all seems to be geared up for this one day each spring. Hopefully in a month or so I can take a step closer to securing my own pilgrimage, the fire rises.


Boston 2019.

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    1. Nah I don’t think it will make it, the times all got 5 mins quicker for 2020, and because of so many people entering, you need to beat your time by atleast 3-4 mins. 2:57 and change ain’t Gona cut it. All on Liverpool haha


      1. You never know, it might be good enough given the 5 min reduction, technically you have 7:57 on the old times which would have been sufficent. That said, I am pretty nervious about the 3:51 buffer I have too.

        If its not enough to get into 2020 I am going to use that time to go back to Chicago next year and run that again, hopefully minus the cramp.


      2. I’d like to do Berlin again one day too. My times in London, Berlin and Chicago just seem so slow now. I will enter the London ballot for what its worth but probably not run a mara if I don’t get into Boston. Hopefully we would have just ran 340 miles from LA to Vegas by spring anyway.


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