Slowly, but surely…

After two failed attempts to get things moving, this week the tide seems to have turned.

On Monday I managed to get round 10km with almost no pain. It’s amazing how much you learn about the signals your body is sending through constant activity. I’m now fairly confident in my ability to distinguish between the oh god this is bad I must stop now kind of pain, and the oh god my legs have become lazy so this just hurts for now kind of pain.

On Monday morning it was the latter, I must have looked such an idiot running around Wimbledon Common with a huge grin on my face, greeting everyone I passed as if they were a long lost relative. I’ve had 16 days off, but to move at a snails pace on soft ground in the sun had me feeling like Nelson Mandela on his release day!

Now comes the next challenge…restraint. I admit that I have gone straight back into running double days, but I’m not going to push it. Sunday’s Bedford Half Marathon will be interesting. Part of me is sure I can still just muscle out the 6:20 pace I was aiming for, but the reality is I just won’t know until the day.

I wanted to run this one as pace practice for the Liverpool Marathon in May, not really too concerned about the time, although it would be a pb for the half.

I’ve decided to gauge this week and go from there. I’ll stick in a few goal pace miles here and there, and see how the Achilles responds. I am mindful there is no certainty the problem area is totally healed. To push too hard too soon would be idiotic, as well as totally counter productive towards the main goal of Boston qualification in Liverpool.

One thing I’m slightly miffed with myself is my diet. The past two weeks I felt a bit sorry for myself at times and let loose on some bags of chocolate and huge meals. I know I’ll chastise myself particularly for this in the last 2-3 miles on Sunday. But oh well, can’t do anything to change it now, I’ll just try to remember how good it all tasted.


Surveying Nottingham from height.

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  1. Glad things are feeling a bit better, hope that continues for you. I’m enjoying getting stuck into the long runs for Liverpool now; I pretty well always enjoy spending a good long morning trotting around and my running companion has a super route for the next one next Monday.


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