A trial run.

I last ran on Monday, today is Friday. It feels like it’s been about six months. I have spent the week swimming, strengthening my core, stretching and stewing. The tendon feels normal under standard conditions, today is the day for an experiment.

Although I’m feeling very positive about this injury (first world problems and that, who really cares?), I can’t help but notice the majority of the articles I’ve read on the matter seem to indicate a 4-6 week recovery period. I’m the first to renounce self diagnosis on the internet, but there is definitely useful information to be found if you look hard enough. Each athlete/injury is different.

Mile 1: Hang on, I feel pretty good. Right, that’s it, 4 miles today, 10 tomorrow and 54 on Sunday and I’ll keep up my volume.

Mile 2: Not so fast. Every few minutes I would feel just a little something, a twinge, a tiny fraction of last week’s pain. Easy friend, easy.

Mile 3: Jog, Walk, Jog, Walk. I was running round a local park, with lakes in the middle. This means once I’m past 2 miles, the quickest way to get home is to continue, no shortcut back.

Mile 4: I do not regret this decision, the pain is not as bad as Monday, but maybe one more day would have made the difference.

This is going to be a period of trial and error. I made it further today than I did on Monday, but the pain is still there. Patience will be key.

The feeling I had during that first mile, when all was well again and I could run free of pain, was just enough reward today to keep me positive. Hopefully this will see me rested and ready to fire at Bedford Half in two weeks time…Hopefully.

Stretching and sitting are only fun for so long.

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