Whatcha gonna do when ya canny do whatcha wanna do?!

All of a sudden, I notice the runners much more, they are everywhere. They move freely through the streets, with no idea how lucky they are simply to be able to move unhindered.

I was that lucky last week, but I didn’t feel it at the time. Sometimes you don’t know what you’ve got until…whatever, boring, who cares. I’m hoping this time round things will be different. Everyone has injuries, gets ill, has to take time off from something for some reason. (Insert second trite line about getting up more times than you get knocked down etc.)

I’m starting to broaden my knowledge regarding the achilles tendon, which can only be a good thing. Social media also proved its use once again on Monday. We all know, it’s cool to pretend to hate social media, even if you don’t. Yes, there are things that annoy me about it, but I think it can also be a very useful tool, if you get past the surface ‘Look at me immediately!’ part of it.

I posted about the achilles on Monday, and within an hour had messages from two physios and an osteopath about how best to deal with the problem. How would you do that in the olden days?!

So what am I gonna do? Well there has been no running since Saturday, apart from the disaster two miles on Monday. Luckily I was able to raise and ice the leg periodically at work, as well as get to the gym for a bit of core and stretching. I’m currently sat in Joe and the Juice in Wimbledon after a gentle strength session and a mile swim.

To be honest, the achilles feels no better. There is a point I reach on my tiptoes where it starts screaming NOT YET at me, which it seems I will have to obey. I think tomorrow I will see how it feels on a walk and with some stretching.

My main challenge during all this is not staying fit. There are loads of ways to get the heart pumping each day. My problem is what I eat. I generally eat quite well, but when the wheels come off, it can get ugly. In fact, I am a fucking pig. At work there is regularly a large box of chocolate, sweets and other temptations on offer. If I eat any one of those items, the floodgates open. I can easily demolish a family pack of any chocolate you can think of, or a pack of biscuits. (My favourites are the ones where all the nutritional bits are in red).

Although this is a rare occurrence, it’s much easier to offset with 10-13 miles a day of running, which is no longer available. If I stand any chance of running near the time I want to at the Bedford Half Marathon, the diet is key.

A challenge indeed.


Everyone look at me, I can eat more honey roasted nuts than you!

2 thoughts on “Whatcha gonna do when ya canny do whatcha wanna do?!

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  1. Oh dear! Can you get to see a physio to check it out and get some exercises? Keep off them red labels and hope it all eases soon. I’ve never taken my running for granted since I had a (non running related: how dare something else go wrong???) operation in 2017 and was laid up for a month.

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  2. I know, I feel so personally attacked haha. I’ve had some great advice from some physics. Going to give a light jog a try tomorrow and see how it goes. I figure worst case I’ll have to take two or three weeks off, but I can still cross train in this time. Fingers crossed, thanks for the message.


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