Freelancing vs Running

I enjoy a strange relationship with my training. Some months, often January, I have such little work on that I can run everyday, probably twice a day. The flip side of this is that during the busy months, it gets really busy. Days can be 15 or 16 hours, without travel either side, which leaves little time for anything else. This is also not to mention the knock on effect of having to eat on location and the post work beers most nights!

When I wasn’t taking running too seriously, this wasn’t a problem. But when the plan is to run 6 days a week, you have to adapt. I have become a big believer in the run commute. This is one of the hardest ones to get out the door for in my opinion, but it is always worth it!

Having no set location in which to work is also a massive plus. I have explored a large amount of the UK and abroad through running before and after work, or on days off. I don’t know about you, but when I turn up to work having run there, I know I’m going to focus better, have more energy and eat less crap throughout the day. If I was in charge, I would massively incentivise those who commute to work on foot, and the idea of a lunch run in the middle of the day to recharge for the afternoon.

It’s an oldie but a goodie; ‘If you want it enough, you’ll make time’ I really do buy into this one. Sometimes, there literally is not enough time. I’m not talking about those days. I have made my piece with the fact that, somedays, the great plan isn’t going to come to fruition. The key is not to let one or two missed runs get to you. What will you do the next day to get back on track?!

One bad day will not change your eventual outcome in a race that is months away. But one good day can get you right back on track if you miss a few!

I was listening to one of Rich Roll’s podcasts the other day. The guest was describing how they split the day into 15 minute chunks, and how scary it was to see what you actually do with your time when the day is divided up this way.

I suppose everyone has their own battle with balance. I’m constantly amazed by those who juggle full time jobs, parenting and athletic prowess. I also find myself envious of those who have regular hours in a fixed location, who know exactly when and where they can train.

I imagine I fit somewhere in the middle. My pendulum swings wildly between work and running throughout the year. I suppose my goal should be to try and make it swing a bit less, but in a more consistent fashion over the course of 12 months. Something to work on in 2019.

Happy running, O.

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  1. Interesting. I work from home, never on location, so I miss the run commute but have a steady place to be. There’s a shower at work, too – if I had my way I’d make all workplaces have a shower for commuting/lunchtime runners and cyclists.

    I do sometimes find it hard to get away as I’ll have a lot of deadlines, however I can almost always carve some time out. My main clients know I’m training for an ultra this year so that helps, and if I am doing a long run on a Monday I can work on the Sunday to compensate.

    My biggest difficulty is running long on a Sunday then being sooooo tired, not to mention hungry, on the Monday!


    1. The shower at work thing is a great idea, I moved from an office with shower to one without a few years ago and it had a massive effect. I feel like some very minor changes could make a huge difference.

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