What’s going on

17/02 – Tonbridge Wells Half – 1:25:18

31/03 – Bedford Autodrome Half

26/05 – Liverpool RnR Marathon

02/06 – Worthing 10k

03-04/08 – North Downs Way 100 Miler

08/09 – Great North Run

27/10 – Frankfurt Marathon

03/11 – New York City Marathon

See you out there.

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    1. Oh Race to the Stones, I’m building myself up to a report on that one. As long as the weather is nice, you’ll have a fantastic day. I may volunteer this year if the work schedule is kind.


      1. I think it’s a good choice, which other ultra have you done? If I can help in any way, please feel free to ask. The Threshold team are great though, you’ll be well fed and watered throughout.


      2. This is my first and probably only ultra – I enjoy a marathon but going off-road scares me quite a lot. I have some friends who’ve walked it before and one who’s run it, so I have had info on the surfaces etc. though it’s hard to find chalk to train on that isn’t as far away from Birmingham as this is! Also I’ve seen pics of people running through fields of corn and not sure how to replicate that in training! What’s your top tip?


      3. Ha the fields of corn bit is very nice. Don’t worry there is a pathway cut through it. I remember it being a fairly pleasant course in terms of surfaces. It’s not like mountain scrambling. Use the aid stations to your advantage, stop and have a proper refuel and a chat, it helped me loads. I think you’ve chosen very wisely, this one is long, but nothing too arduous involved.

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