Things what I did.

Personally, when I read something from other runners, I like to know their level, their times, their training routines, so I can put what they are saying into context. Is this person an elite, a first time 5k runner or maybe a veteran middle of the pack runner with decades of experience to learn from?

With that in mind, for those of you who are, at this moment, particularly bored, here is a history of my racing:


London Marathon 03:48

Warsaw Marathon 03:30

Portsmouth Coastal Marathon 03:46


Steyning Stinger Trail Marathon 04:26

Hastings Half Marathon 01:33:32

Paris Marathon 03:20:06

Race To The King 53 Mile Trail 10:49

Newark Half Marathon 01:29:43

Berlin Marathon 03:02:09

Birmingham Marathon 04:37:00

Dublin Marathon 03:33:07


Barcelona Marathon 03:14:34

Brecon Beacons 50K 07:21:26

South Downs Trail Marathon 03:43:29

Race To The Stones 100k 11:56:50

Chicago Marathon 02:57:31

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  1. Nice. Really impressive improvements on your marathon times. You’re right that, although we all run for our own reasons, getting the context of people’s running is really useful. I got a 3:15 marathon and couldn’t (and still can’t!) muster up the training to beat that. Sub 3 is fantastic, congrats!


    1. Thanks Tom, it’s been a long road for sure, I had a really long sit and think after a few failed attempts at sub 3, and decided to put absolutely everything on the back burner and commit to getting there, but it is tough no doubt, I was also very lucky with work commitments. You can definitely get there if you are at 3:15, all the best with the training.

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  2. Thanks Owen, it’ll always be there as a goal that I want to get to. Like you say, I’d need a fair bit of commitment to up the training enough. You’ve shown it can be done so I’ll not let it evade me forever!


  3. This is really interesting – and looks like you had as much “fun” in the Birmingham marathon as everyone else did (I actually PBd there but only because I’m very slow and it was my second marathon and I’d made up for the mistakes in training for my first one!). Off to look for a race report for that one now. And thanks for the follow on my blog. A different kind of runner but I’m trying to give a good picture of what it’s like being a runner who runs for health not necessarily for races, and not speedily!


    1. Thanks Liz, I’m actually a freelancer and a book lover too, so I was very happy to stumble across your blog. I’m new to it, but I’m struggling to keep myself away from the laptop at the moment!

      My god the hill at the end of Birmingham, I just had to laugh when I saw it.


      1. I live in Bham so was very aware of it and knew there would be people watching. Then I got very very angry that they had moved the finish and let out a big swear. My race report is on my blog if you fancy a recap!


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