Genesis 2.0.

After almost a year of running the odd 5k a few times a week, I had begun to realise I was experiencing a new level of fulfilment from running. I think the psychological/therapeutic side of the sport is often overlooked (particularly by me). Running for pbs and chasing times is great fun and a worthy cause, but there is something primal and pleasing in the act of movement…in particular efficient movement. Easy time on the feet or ‘junk miles’ (no such thing in my opinion) allows me valuable time to think, reflect and gain fitness, without ever having to push into that zone where you realise you are truly working out.

Sometimes I run for an hour or more with one tiny section of a song going round in my head , and come home feeling completely refreshed. Strange things happen when you run, things I sometimes cannot understand or comprehend. The further you run, the stranger things can become. During the course of an ultra-marathon, all manner of physical and mental aberrations take place…more on that down the line.

Late in 2015, a friend who ran a charity had a place allocated in the 2016 London Marathon. Until now, my running had been mostly a private affair, known only to me, but this seemed like too good a chance to pass up. My marathon experience was nil, my running experience was essentially nil, but something kept pulling at me. I kept giving myself one more day…’If nobody responds by then, I’ll go for it!’. I eventually put myself forward. My rationale was simple; run a big city marathon, raise some money for a good cause, focus my energies for a while and most likely hang up my shoes swiftly thereafter. How very wrong…



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